Fuel solutions

Fuel solutions

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Meet the needs of your fleet on land, air, and sea with quality fuel solutions for petrol and diesel powered engines. Backed by a robust distribution network and over a century of industry knowledge, we provide reliable fuel supply and expert insights that enable our customers to overcome diverse challenges and open up new opportunities.
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Mobil Diesel Efficient


Getting greater fuel efficiency is crucial to your business’ financial success. Mobil Diesel Efficient is an advanced diesel that reduces emissions and fuel consumption. So you can enjoy improved productivity while saving on maintenance costs and downtime.
  • Lower emissions

    Lower emissions*: Averages of 2.8% less CO2, 10% less NOx, and 22% less particulate matter

  • Lower fuel consumption

    Average of 2.8% in fuel savings for heavy duty on-road trucks*

  • Improved engine peak power and responsiveness

    Improved engine peak power and responsiveness

  • Reduced maintenance

    Reduced maintenance thanks to cleaner fuel injectors and excellent corrosion protection

  • High speed refuelling

    High-speed refuelling for greater business efficiency and reduced downtime

  • Improving fuel economy

    Assists in improving fuel economy

* Mobil Diesel Efficient claims are based on internal and third-party vehicle engine testing, laboratory testing, and/or industry or other scientific literature. Basis for comparison for all claims is versus unadditised diesel. Fuel economy and emissions testing was performed in the UK using on-road trucks. Vehicle type, engine type, driving behaviour, and other factors also impact fuel and vehicle performance, emissions, and fuel economy. Mobil Diesel Efficient may be used in other heavy-duty and light-duty vehicles, but results may vary.
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Whether you require fuel for your fleet or to distribute under your brand, we have the products and services to keep your business moving.
  • Commercial users

    Commercial users

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    Commitment to quality

    Beyond fuel performance, our commitment to you includes efficient delivery, responsive customer service, and environmental best practices.

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