Mobilcard is the fuel card that gives you more control. Optimise your fleet’s fuel management and save on fuel with Mobilcard for business. You can use Mobilcard at over 330 accepting sites across New Zealand.

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    In New Zealand, you're never far from somewhere that accepts Mobilcard - there are more than 330 Mobilcard accepting sites throughout the country. Mobilcard provides reliable online tools that help you sidestep all the paperwork. With Mobilcard, you get accurate fleet and fuel information automatically - so you can get on with the more important stuff. Every Mobilcard can be customised and designated to a particular vehicle or for a driver to use in any vehicle. We take a serious stance on security, so any risks of fraud or card misuse are minimised.


    Mobilcard: The best fuel card for your small business

    Mobilcard is the 2021 winner of Canstar Blue’s Most Satisfied Customers Award for Small Business Fuel Cards. It is a result based on a strong performance of 5- and 4-Star ratings across all categories.

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Mobilcard FAQs

A: Any GST registered company, Sole Trader or Trust can apply for a Mobilcard.
A: Complete an online Mobilcard application form, along with all requested documentation and email to
A: The process normally takes seven days on receipt of the fully completed application form.
A: You can use your Mobilcard at over 330 sites throughout New Zealand. All Mobil branded service stations and selected Mobilcard acceptor sites. To locate a Mobilcard acceptor site near you, you can easily download a URL to your mobile device. Just direct your internet browser to
A: Either at the pump, by simply swiping your card and entering your PIN at the payment terminal before commencing to pump fuel, or in the store. You’ll be invoiced for the fuel either fortnightly or monthly – you choose.
A: Yes. You can order new Mobilcards, change PIN numbers, review transactions, and download reports and invoices on the Mobilcard webpage at
A: Call our Mobilcard Support Centre located in Auckland 24/7 on 0800 732 277 OR go online to and stop your card. In order to use this online service please complete details on page 7 of the application form (Online User Details) or email our call centre requesting access.

A: Mobilcard has numerous different restrictions, the most common being ‘Fuel and Oil only’. Please refer to your application form for more details. Below are some of our most popular purchase restrictions.

Diesel & Oil Only Fuel & Oil Only Petrol, Oil & Car wash
Diesel Only Fuel Only Petrol Only
Unleaded 91 & Car wash Petrol & Oil Only
A: Mobilcard provides PINs on all cards as well as purchase restrictions, transaction limits, daily spend limits and monthly spend limits on each card.
A: Mobil currently have over 30 Convenience Merchants which can be easily identified in the Mobilcard brochure, these sites have no $ symbol, referring to no discount.
For any further information please contact us on 0800 662 458 or, we look forward to hearing from you.
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