Fleet Management Reports

Mobilcard Fleet Management Reports

With four new fleet management reports, we’re making it easier than ever to manage and monitor your fleet’s fuel transactions. You have handy 24/7 access to the online user portal, so you can now check in on these four great functions, at any time that suits your workflow.
By monitoring fuel transactions and fuel efficiency, this report can quickly identify potential irregularities, assist in identifying poorly performing vehicles, and optimise fuel costs.
To keep your fleet moving effectively, you can gauge its fuel efficiency and get an estimate of CO2 emissions per kilometre travelled.
Keep track of your account’s active cards. By listing all embossing, cost centre, and financial limit details, as well as card issue and last use dates, this report is super useful when you need to complete a card audit.
With this report, you can summarise month-to-date expenses and list your fleet’s total monthly expenses, as well as the average expense to-date for each vehicle, streamlining your cost centre and fuel usage.