Car Wash

Mobil Car Wash

We have car washes across the network so choose the car wash that suits you and your car when your car needs it.
A car on an adventure

Let’s get you ready for the next adventure

A messy car means you’ve been out there on the road enjoying adventures big or small. Let our car wash get your ride ready for the next one. Let’s go. Click here to find your nearest.

Water recycling car wash

Water recycling car wash

We have water recycling car washes in convenient Auckland locations. Using recycled water for a more sustainable wash. It’s the perfect way to make you and your car feel better. Let’s go. Click here to find your nearest.

Car Wash Stamps

Collect the stamps for your free car wash

It’s never been easier to get into the routine of keeping the car looking this good.

Use your Mobil Smiles points for a car wash, collect car wash stamps on the Mobil NZ app and get every sixth wash on us.

Download the Mobil NZ app here.