Fuel solutions

Fuel solutions

Moving your business forward

Meet the needs of your fleet on land, air, and sea with quality fuel solutions for petrol and diesel powered engines. Backed by a robust distribution network and over a century of industry knowledge, we provide reliable fuel supply and expert insights that enable our customers to overcome diverse challenges and open up new opportunities.
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Adapt to changing demands in the marine industry with high-quality, compliant fuel solutions. Our range of solutions includes low-sulphur fuels that meet the 0.50% global sulphur cap implemented in 2020, such as the EMF.5™ Engineered Marine Fuels. As the industry moves toward a multi-fuel strategy, we continue to work closely with our customers to determine the best choices for their vessels.

•      Over five decades of track record in supplying a wide range of high-quality fuels and technical expertise
•      Compliant with international specifications for the marine industry
•      Increased transparency and cost savings with the Mass Flow Metering System

Expert insights

Explore our latest innovations and expert insights here. Discover how to get the best out of your fleet and stay ahead of your competition.
  • How good fuel quality indicators can optimise your fleet performance

    How good fuel quality indicators can optimise your fleet performance

    Not every fuel suits every engine. Get insights to match your fleet’s needs with your choice of fuel.

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  • Why good driving behaviours make your fleet more efficient

    Why good driving behaviours make your fleet more efficient

    Discover top tips and best practices to help your fleet save on fuel costs and streamline overall business operations.

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Products and services to suit your needs

Whether you require fuel for your fleet or to distribute under your brand, we have the products and services to keep your business moving.
  • Commercial users

    Commercial users

    Purchase high-performing petrol and diesel products in bulk to meet your business needs.

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  • Commitment to quality

    Commitment to quality

    Beyond fuel performance, our commitment to you includes efficient delivery, responsive customer service, and environmental best practices.

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