Synergy forecourt

Synergy fuels  

At selected sites we've introduced new Synergy fuels and updated the names to help keep things simple*
  • Synergy Supreme+

    Our best ever fuel is engineered for top performance to help unleash your car's potential.**

    •    Contains double the additive than Synergy Extra Unleaded for a deeper engine clean
    •    Designed to help improve engine responsiveness and performance
    •    Unique formulation to help protect the engine against corrosion

  • Synergy Supreme

    Developed as a high performance fuel suitable for most cars, Synergy Supreme is enriched with 20% more additive than Synergy Extra Unleaded for a deeper engine clean which will help you get more out of your journeys.

    • Helps improve engine performance and responsiveness
    • Helps reduce emissions

  • Synergy Extra Unleaded

    Synergy Extra, our improved fuel with more additive, that helps to improve fuel economy.**

  • Synergy Extra Diesel

    Synergy Diesel contains a powerful additive that helps provide excellent detergency performance.

    •    Helps clean up fuel injectors
    •    Helps improve fuel economy and reduce emissions
    •    Helps protect engine against corrosion

Our quality Mobil fuels to help you get more out of your journey.

  • Mobil Synergy 8000

    A high Octane, high performance premium unleaded petrol for all cars and car lovers.

  • Mobil Synergy 5000

    A high performance premium unleaded petrol for all cars.

  • Mobil Synergy 1000

    An unleaded petrol for drivers who seek affordable quality.

  • Mobil Synergy Diesel

    Helps to keep fuel Injectors clean, protect from corrosion and provide a cleaner, faster fill.

*Our new Synergy petrol and diesel offer greater detergency and better deposit clean-up better than previous versions of Synergy fuels. Other fuel benefit claims are based on comparison to ordinary unadditised fuel.

Actual benefits may vary depending on various factors including, without limitation, engine type, driving style, and fuel previously used. At selected sites only.

All trademarks used herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of Exxon Mobil Corporation or one of its subsidiaries.

**At selected service stations in wider Wellington region, Extra Unleaded and Synergy 1000 may contain up to 3% ethanol and Supreme+ and Synergy 8000 will contain up to 10% ethanol. May not be suitable for all vehicle engines, check with the manufacturer before use.