Mobil Retail Business Agents
If you are interested in applying to become a Mobil Retail Business Agent, please visit

Service Station Positions
If you are interested in a position as a Store Manager or a frontline staff member in one of our service stations, please contact:

Recruitment and Employment Specialist
Pegasus Stations Limited
PO Box 2497
64-272304 129 Phone
64-800-450 939 Fax

For all other permanent recruiting or temporary hiring, please contact:

Hudson Global Resources Limited
Level 6, State Insurance Tower
1 Willis Street, PO Box 2186
Wellington, New Zealand
Contact: Peter de Boer
64-4-473 4073

Randstad Limited
Contact: Jeff McDonald
Direct Dial:  64 4 494 3450
Mobile : 64 21 421 404
Wellington, New Zealand
Ph. 64 4 473 6223

Global jobs and careers
Visit our global jobs and careers website to learn more about job opportunities in other parts of the world.